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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Prayer Points to Build Your Faith

When Faith Governs!

When Faith Governs”


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Your faith is no good to you, your circumstances or others until you learn how to use it

Faith by itself is not enough. We must first repent before God, even
saved people

need to say sorry to God for the wrong things that we have done from time to time.

That’s why “Goodness and Mercy” the supernatural assistants and twins of heaven

always travel as a tag team/together. Why so? You see sometimes we all do wrong

things and we do not deserve
good things from God, it is at these times that we must

call on God for
mercy. When we do this, goodness will begin to flow in our lives again.

In this eighth month – the number eight represents
new beginnings, begin, make an effort to believe God more.
Look at yourself honestly and ask God to begin a new work

in your life and watch and see what happens as you begin to pray on this wise….begin

to plant new seeds of faith in your life and watch them grow as the spiritual force of

faith is released and activated – your faith is
sure seed – it has no option but to grow!

Hebrews 11:1 (New International Version)

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

John 20:29 Today I confess - my faith is growing, I have the God Kind of Faith, I claim my

victories, breakthroughs, success and answered prayers in the name of Jesus Christ.

2 Cor 5:7 I confess I believe God even where I cannot see God, my God is well able…

Matthew 15:21-28 I call myself well, healed, healthy whole in all areas of my life. I

walk in divine healing, God’s Word is the prescription for my total deliverance, in..
Matthew 8:8 Today I bind myself to the will of God, The Word of God and the power of

God, I was born to prosper, lead and walk in victory, I reactivate my anointing, in the..
Isaiah 60:1 I command myself to arise, shine for my light, loosing and liberty has come,

today I get up, change my position and place, Lord release Your power into my life now..

Isaiah 40:31 Now spend at least 5 mins waiting upon The Lord….listen – get a note book

and write down what God says.
I Thank you Lord for answering my prayers, I believe when I pray

Say 12 times

: Romans 10:17 - Faith hear me come to assist me now. By faith I

conquer, rule and reign in all areas of my life. I take back stolen time,

possessions, loved ones, lost victories/battles, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Through faith I AM…… Declare/say what you are, let the Devil hear you!!!