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Monday, 6 February 2012

Prayers to BULID your FAITH - When Faith Governs

At WLCC this year we will be saturating our lives with a powerful teaching on

Faith. Begin to rebuild your life with prayer and faith. We will help you to

establish and materialize the evidence of your faith (Heb 11:1). To support

this vital and essential teaching (Heb 11:6) we are praying, speaking and

prophesying The Spirit of Faith (2 “Cor 4:13), The Gift of Faith (1Cor 12:9) and

the Fruit of Faith (Gal 5:22) into the lives, of the hearer and their situations

and circumstances. I guarantee you that this year if you attend the teaching

sessions and pray the Prayer Points below The God of Miracles will visit you

and take up residence in your life and everything and everyone that you are

connected to. Join us, listen to the teaching and pray the given Prayer Points

and prove God’s Word for yourself. Come and learn “How to please God”

(Heb 11:6). In our AEB Sunday Morning Class and our Tuesday/Thursday

Prayer Schools we will be using the manual of God’s Word to change lives and

introduce a higher level of spiritual teaching and truth which will change your

life forever. God Bless you richly,
Pastor Avis

(say each of the following 3 times each, then begin to pray)
Matthew 17:20 I command the seed of faith to grow in my heart. By faith every

mountain in my life will be flattened this year, I shall see God’s glory in my life...
in the name of

Matthew 14:31 Faith take hold of my life now, I break the spirit of doubt, increase me,

stir me up, The Spirit of faith is planted in my life today, I speak turn around, change,

recovery and breakthrough I have
NOW FAITH (Heb 11:1)Today it’s working in the …

Matthew 21:21 I refuse to doubt/fear, faith rise up, live in my mind/mouth, possess my

spirit/heart/vision and view.. I will do exploits this year in the name of Jesus Christ

Hebrews 11:1 I will win and have the victory in every area of my life I am certain my

faith will not fail, I believe God…. In the name of Jesus Christ..

Zachariah 9:12 I turn to every stronghold in my life, my prayer of faith will

destroy/break every barrier/yoke My family, loved ones will be saved,

imprison myself in this belief and will not stop praying until I see results, in the name of  Jesus Christ.

John 6:37 Everything that God has planned/designed for my life is coming to me

Say 12 times
: I live and walk by faith not sight. My faith is the victory that

overcomes the world (1 John 5:4) I believe God I cannot be defeated, I AM an

1. Through faith this year we will run like David towards our giants (1 Sam 17) and

slay/destroy them utterly in the name of Jesus Christ. Oh God increase our corporate

faith in the name of Jesus Christ.


We claim our borough/nation for Christ, 2012 will see growth increase, 50 souls will

be added to WLCC Croydon/Hemel, we speak it, pray it , believe it, God will show us

how in the name of Jesus Christ.

We pray for and declare an outbreak of revival first in our own lives, ministry, then in

our government, Royal Family, institutions, companies, society, homes, marriages,

youth of all nations in the name of Jesus Christ