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Thursday, 31 December 2015


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Prayer is the most powerful weapon that you have at your disposal.  Begin to use it TODAY and take back all of the territory that you have inadvertently allowed negative elements, life, situations and people to steal from you - witness first-hand the changes that ensue.

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God bless you evermore.

Pastor Avis

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


DECEMBER is the twelfth month of the year and brings closure to this year of 2015.  Twelve is a very important number to God.  The number twelve in Biblical terms is a perfect number, signifying perfection of government, or of governmental perfection.  Twelve is also the number used many times in Old Testament to represent for example the twelve sons of Jacob-Israel and the new - twelve spiritual sons/fathers of the faith - the twelve Apostles of Christ.  
I pray that the faith God has will also become yours and that God’s government and His perfected Word will reign in your life this month and for every subsequent month of your life. 
In order for you to understand more fully the signifigance of 12 as used in The Bible see as clearly illustrated below:
·      Twelve tribes of Israel [Genesis 49:28].
·      Twelve pillars were erected at Mt. Sinai [Exodus 24:4].
·      Twelve pillars were erected in the Promised Land [Joshua 4:1-9].
·      Twelve statues of oxen held up the water basin in Solomon’s Temple [1 Kings 7:25].
·      Twelve men were selected by God to conduct the census of the tribes [Numbers 1:2-16].
·      Twelve princes of Israel brought gifts to the Sanctuary on twelve days [Numbers 7:10-83].
·      Twelve spies sent to Canaan [Numbers 13:1-15].
·      Jesus is twelve years old when He questions the scholars in the Temple [Luke 2:41].
·      Twelve legions of angles [Matthew 26:53].
·      Twelve Apostles [Matthew 10:2-4; Mark 3:13-19; Luke 6:13].
·      144,000 servants of God (12 times 12) [Revelation 7:4].
·      Twelve gates of the New Jerusalem [Revelation 21:12].
·      Twelve foundations of the New Jerusalem [Revelation 21:16, 17].
·      The Trees of Life in the new creation will bear twelve kinds of fruits [Revelation 22:2].

In this month of December let me take the opportunity to wish you every good blessing of Christ and take the opportunity to also share a thought with you for this special season.
December is the month that the world celebrates globally as Christmas – the time of the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  It was God’s love for man that brought Christ to earth to die for our sins.  Love sometimes does strange things.  The Bible tells us it is a strange love. Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God (1 John 3:1). Note that word manner. The Greek word ispotapos, an adjective that describes something strange or foreign - as from another country. It does not merely convey the idea of greatness as some modern translations have it. When our Lord rebuked the winds and calmed the stormy sea, The men marveled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him! (Matthew 8:27, italics added). They saw something they had never witnessed before. When they saw the miracle, they thought, This man is out of this world. What we saw is strange and foreign.
The love that God has for us is strange, it takes great risks and goes to extreme lengths that many would call foolish.  On that first Christmas day thousands of years ago, God’s foolishness was wiser than men, and his weakness was stronger than men.  Christ’s birth took the world by surprise. 
This surprise was of course, part of God’s strategic plan.  The element of surprise is critical in any type of warfare.  Christmas, you may not have realized this, was an act of warfare.  In fact it was heaven’s D-Day,  a day of spiritual and supernatural deliverance for mankind. 
The preparation of Christ coming to earth had taken centuries, but now it was time for the Conquering Saviour to put in His appearance and literally land on enemy occupied territory. 
Christ came in humility, and would finish His earthly conquest thirty years later by the greatest act of humility the world had ever seen.
“Peace on Earth, Good will towards men.”  True peace can never be forged by steel, but only by love.  It is the humble babe in the manger, not Caesar in his chariot, who is the real Prince of Peace.
May your faith  in God grow and become evidenced through your prayers and actions for all to hear and see.   I pray that as 2016 advances and gets ready to appear that your love for God will become entwined with your faith in Him and that in this coming year you will  be stronger than ever before. 
I wish you every blessing of heaven at this very special time of the year.  May The Lord Himself bless you as you allow Christ to be birthed in your life.

PRAYER POINTS –  (say each one three times)
1.   Ps 33:12 Father we ask you to govern/order the steps of our Leaders,  those in authority in The Name of Jesus Christ.
2.   1 Thes. 5:17 I pray/stand against stubborn issues in my life, Today I speak change/turn-around in my familiy, home and personal life. there must be a change, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
3.   Tim 2:1-2 Dear Father and  God I pray for  restoration, recovery and revival in (1)OUR  CHURCHES (2)BUSINESSES (3)GOVERNMENTS (4)FAMILIES –YOUTH  (5)MEDIA  (6)EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS (7)ARTS/ ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY and CURRENT SITUATION/AFFAIRS OF OUR WORLD (name these)  in The Name of Jesus Christ
4.   Romans 2:13 Dear God visit your people across the earth today. Help us to turn away from disobedience.  Let YOUR government return to Your earth and our hearts In  The Name of Jesus Christ..
5.   Joshua 4:1-9 Father God raise us up to become strong pillars again.  Put your structures back into our lives.  In the Name of Jesus Christ.
6.   Acts 10:1-5 In faith we pray, Lord send help/people/finances for your work globally in The Name of Jesus….


Say 12 Times  Is 9:6  God's Government  is on my shoulders. My love for God and my faith in God is  growing stronger. Through my words I release God's power into my life. Before this year ends I will see God move in my life like never before. 2016 is my year of breakthrough in every area of life.  I decree and declare that it is so. Amen and forever Amen

Saturday, 14 November 2015

NOVEMBER is the eleventh month of the year and the number eleven is sandwiched
between 10 (Law, ordered perfection) and 12 (Governmental perfection). Although this number is
considered to be a number of disorder, seen in the example when the 12 apostle’s of Christ
became 11 with the death of Judas. Unsuccessfully they attempted to recruit a replacement through
Matthias (Acts 1:12,23,26) who subsequently was only mentioned three times in The Bible and then disappears from the story/view because he was not chosen by God. The number eleven can also be seen as one more (an extra measure of what is required) or one less than needed. Eleven represents that
twixt and between  time in our lives when we are not quite sure what to do, the disciples of Jesus
had the same problem. The story teaches us – do not try to figure out/fix things yourself, go to God
and wait on His answer through prayer. I have also discovered that the number 11 represents a
revelation  - the first time eleven is mentioned in the Bible is:

And he (Jacob) rose up that night, and took his two wives, and his two women servants,
and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok. (Genesis 32:22).

Jacobs's eleventh son was Joseph , who received in a dream a revelation  that, all his brethren
and his parents would bow down to him. In the process of time and through tribulation  God allowed
him to reveal  the meaning of dreams to different people on different levels. Thus Israel's eleventh
son  saved a nation/people.

Interestingly also this first occurrence of the number 11 is in verse 22
(2x11) of Genesis 32, how about that!!

PRAYER POINTS –  GLOBAL (say each one three times)
Look up and study the scripture verses given before each prayer point – enrich your prayer times with study of The Word of God also.

 1. Gen 27:28 Father refresh us today with the dew of Your Word, let it pour down upon our lives and that of our families, ministries, and your people around the globe in The Name of Jesus Christ.

2. Luke 1:78  Dear God visit your earth in love replace curses with blessings, revive and
Name of Jesus Christ.

3. Job 22:28  I declare by faith that I am a Joseph – a deliverer  to my family (O.T) and a Husband to
the vulnerable (N.T.) Dear God help me, like Jesus to show and be the answer to the problems of our nation in the name of  Jesus Christ.

4. Acts 10:1-5  In faith I pray for those on the missions fields of the world, Lord send help/people/finances for your work here and abroad in The Name of Jesus Christ.

PRAYER POINTS – YOU/PERSONAL (say each one three times)
Look up and study the scripture verses given before each prayer point – enrich your prayer times with study of The Word of God also.

1. Ps 145:18 Today by faith/prayer, I position/surround/bind myself to God’s Word, Laws and
His government for my life/destiny, in the name of Jesus Christ.

2. Ps 50:15  I decree/declare every trouble/problem that comes my way will  also reveal God’s
deliverance/plans for my life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

3. 1 John 5:14-15  I believe that my faith has reached the ears of God, I speak multiplied blessings/
turnaround/recovery/healing/health/prosperity/peace/deliverance/breakthrough/victory into
all areas of my life NOW , in the name of Jesus Christ.

4. James 4:3  My God will grant me the faith/strength and long life to accomplish the
purposes of God for every situation I face, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 5. 2 Kings 13:17  By Faith I send out the arrows of my prayers I AM a child of The King of
Kings, no circumstance of life will overcome, stop or hinder me, in The Name of Jesus Christ ..


Say 11 times Is 40:41, Job 14:14 I will not run ahead of God or inadvertently chose
problems or pain, the wrong people or places. I will wait on God in prayer
for my change and the power of God to possess my life, Come NOW, Holy

Spirit Come!

We mourn with those who mourn in Paris, France.

Dear Father we pray, that through the power of prayer, You will today turn this tragic and awful loss, even the pain, grief, hurt, anger and senseless murders into a force and movement against  tyranny and bring a result and outcome that is able to surpass anything that we are able to do or change.

We pray that the Sovereignty of God would become the main focus of the earth . That your people all over the world will return to the place of prayer where God will again become mightily active in the earth.

Allow us Dear God to humble ourselves and let your Church become the ones who pray 5 times a day as we seek your face and turn from the wickedness of murder and mayhem. We speak Your Word according to 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV).
" If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.."

Father we ask you to bring a "turning" - make this situation a "turning point" for Your Church, enabling us to come before you collectively and corporately as One Body. Loose a "Spirit of Prayer" today across the earth. We ask you to forgive and heal us, we repent. Protect us Lord and Saviour as we live our lives and may we live them to glorify You. Let our lives honour You Dear God, despite the disrespect and disregard of so many of our peers.

We speak Healing to our nations and the "land" in which we dwell, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, We remember those who have died in this prayer and others who hath been affected by the death of loved ones. You are The God of all Comfort and The Father of ALL Mercies (1 Cor 1:3).

We seal this prayer with The Blood of Jesus Christ In Jesus Name Amen For Evermore!!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


OCTOBER is the tenth month of the year and the number ten is very significant in Biblical terms.  The number 10 in Biblical terms represents perfection of divine order, completeness, nothing lacking, everything in proper order and a start of a whole new order.   

Jesus loved to use the number 10 in many of His sayings, particularly His parables:

  • There were 10 virgins (Matt 25:1-13).

  • There were 10 lepers (Luke 17:11-19).

  • There were 10 talents (Matt 25:14-30).

There are also 10 I Am’s  mentioned in the Gospel of John.

The 10 “I AM’s of The Gospel of John

1.    "I am the Bread of Life which came down from heaven” Jn 6:41
2.    "I am the Light of the world" Jn 8:12
3.    "I am the Door of the sheep" Jn 10:7,9
4.    “I am the Son of God”  John 10:36
5.    "I am the Resurrection and the Life" Jn14:6

6.    "I am the True Vine"  Jn 15:1,5
7.    "I am the Living Bread”  Jn 6:51
8.    "I am One that bear witness of Myself" Jn 8:18
9.    "I am the Good Shepherd" Jn 10:14
10."I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life" Jn 14:6

The number ten in Biblical terms represents law and restoration.  The number ten is also represented in  The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20). In Matthew 25:1 we find Ten virgins. In  Luke 17:17 we see the story of Ten Lepers.  In Luke 15:8  we discover healing and  Ten silver coins.  I pray that this month God will release Ten special blessings into your life and that  you will experience a new anointing and divine favour in every area of your life.  Through prayer use God’s Word as your arrow (2 Kings 13:17) and begin to [1]shoot from your lips the following words/prayers.

 PRAYER POINTS –  (say each one three times)

1.    Psalm 19:7Father release The Laws of Your Word, all over your globe today, freeing the families of the earth, our homes and our lives.  Father let your seed in us reproduce itself in every area of our lives and circumstances,  in The Name of Jesus Christ.

2         2.    Dear God pour out Your Spirit, Word/blood/peace on the 7 pillars of our society: 
                in The Name of Jesus.

3.    Rom 3:27 We declare that The Laws of Faith will enable us to prevail against every force or foe that would try to stop us.  Through faith we will achieve/ establish the purposes of God in  our lives in The Name of Jesus Christ

4.    .John 6:35 By faith  oh God make my life bread for every hungry soul. I AM God’s Bread of life to my world, prepare and equip me to feed your people.

5.    John 8:12 Help me to be a light in the middle of a dark world. I AM God’s light in the midst of  every darkness that I face.

6.    John 10:7, 9 I close the open doors that give The Devil access to my life and speak Open Doors  to the 7 Spirits of God (Is 11:2) Father come into my life now, I AM  an Open Door to/for Almighty God, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

7.     2 Cor 5: I confess that I believe God even where I cannot see God, my God is well able, in The Name of Jesus Christ.

8.    2 Kings 13:17 By Faith I send out the arrows of my prayers I AM a child of The King of Kings, no circumstance of life will overcome, stop or hinder me, in The Name of ..

Say 10 times  .  I declare God’s arrows of deliverance are in my mouth. I AM God’s best idea, His anointed, His  beloved. I AM here to succeed and His Glory will be seen in my life, I AM that I AM (Ex 3:14).


[1] SHOOT is an acronym, standing for: Spiritually Honoring Only One Truth!