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Friday, 13 August 2010

Prayer Points


Destroying The Spirit of Pharaoh

This is a spirit that always tries to pursue/control, limit/restrict and stop you from spending time with God. The only thing that this spirit responds to is death – study the story of Pharaoh and The Children of Israel in Egypt. No matter how many or, how bad the plagues were Pharaoh would not let God’s people go until the Spirit of Death visited his own house. You therefore have to make up your mind that you will never allow this spirit to see your face again and stop it, destroy it, do not allow it to enter into or take over your life.

Exodus 10:28-29 Pharaoh said to Moses, “Get out of my sight! Make sure you do not appear before me again! The day you will see my face you will die”. 29 “Just as you say”, Moses replied, “I will never appear before you again”.
“The devil will not see my face again”You must tell the devil and every Pharaoh Spirit that he will not see your face again this year, month or week because you now know how to pray:
Say/Speak them out with impact, aloud several times each
DECLARE:1. Today I destroy and kill every spirit restricting my progress in God in Jesus name.

2. Today I wipe out and destroy every foreign and alien spirit pursuing my life/destiny and family dynasty and progress in Jesus name.

3. Today I release myself/family/everyone and everything connected to me from the hand/ slavery and bondage of Pharoah in Jesus name.

4. Teach me how to do your will, follow you and listen to your voice - I will always do God’s will.

5. Teach me how to walk on the difficult seas of life using my faith and enable me to serve/worship you - I will serve/worship the Lord my God in spirit and in truth.

6. Teach me how to stop looking back and not to grieve you/sin – I will not willfully sin before the Lord.

7. Teach me how to live/stay in Your presence - I will always live in God’s presence.

8. Teach me how to follow you and how to lead others – I will be a follower of Christ.

9. Show me/give me the strategy of how to leave my Egypt