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Sunday, 10 May 2015

             Welcome to  May the fifth month of this year.  I want to take this opportunity to teach you a greater truth about the number Five.  This is the number that we associate with The Grace of God, but this number also reveals  and exposes how grace is put together, composed – the full package . Did you know that this number is associated with Redemption and the Mystery of God?  Mystery because we never really know what God is up to most of the time as He does not reveal His plan upfront.  Ultimately He is always trying to redeem us, bring us back to Himself.  When reading Genesis initially God does not make His intention clear.  Right now in your life today God’s intention  for YOU may not be clear, but if you put all of your trust in Him and obey His Word without reservation, soon God will reveal His plan for your life.   Did you realise that in Genesis God exposes the  Five characteristics of His character which make Him a God of Grace.  See below:

1 =  God The Father         (Gen 1:1) The  Beginner and author of all
2 =   God The Creator      (Gen 1:3) The  Designer, Architect of everything that exists 
3 =   God The Son           (Gen 3:15) God manifested in flesh form (Jn 1:14)
3 =  God The Spirit           (Gen 1:2)   The invisible force that hovers over all
5 =  God The Redeemer  (Gen 3:15)  God of Grace, able to fix anything
We, those of us that have given our lives to God  are a People called out, by the Creator to separate ourselves from the culture of the world.  We are here to literally walk from earth to heaven (it’s a process) just like Enoch did (Gen 5:25, Heb 11:5).  I wonder how Genesis would read today if Adam and Eve had this information that I am giving to you now.[1] It has always been God’s intended purpose to redeem man  from disobedience and bring him back to Himself, not to cast man out.  If Adam and Eve had known this I suspect they would have repented and asked God to begin again in their lives, but they didn’t know they could repent.  Dear Child of God, the difference between failure and success is information!!  The purpose of WLCC is to give you all the information you need to succeed.  I pray that this information will cause you to succeed and that the  Mystery of God’s Grace will begin something new in your life today as you repent for your yesterdays and allow God to create something new in you! 
So to summarise, the number Five reveals the  whole package of - God The Father, (Creator of every living thing) Son and Holy Spirit and He in whatever form will always redeem His creation and deliver YOU by His grace.  I am giving you a new definition for G.R.A.C.E.  = God Redeeming All Completely Every time.

PRAYER POINTS – (Repeat and pray these prayers out aloud)
1. Acts 19:20 Father, grow your Word today in Your church/me, release your prevailing power on us all…
2.  Gen 5:25, Heb 11:5 Teach us Father how to walk like Enoch until all flesh disappears..   
3 Ps 68:1 Father today  I speak Your Word over the 7 Pillars of our Society, Arise oh God and take your place in  (1)YOUR  CHURCH  (2)BUSINESSES (3)GOVERNMENTS (4)FAMILIES –YOUTH  (5)MEDIA  (6)EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS (7)ARTS/ ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY and CURRENT SITUATION/AFFAIRS OF OUR WORLD with The Blood of Jesus Christ - pray about/speak to current affairs/situations).  
4. Matt 10:42 Father help  us, Your people to do more for the lost, people in poorer countries.  Increase your anointing on Your people, missionaries globally, in The Name of Jesus Christ .
PRAYER POINTS – (Repeat and pray these prayers out aloud)
1.   Is 55:11 I  refuse to void God’s Word through disobedience.  I will accomplish the will of God for my life in every area,  I cover myself, family and all I possess with The Blood of..
2.   Matt 18:18 I bind  every force working against my life, family, finances, future, in the…
DECLARTION:  Pray, Say 7 times  
Mark 13:31 Let every spirit of disobedience, curse, yokes of the past, present and future be destroyed today by the Power of God’s Word.  Begin your Genesis in me today.  I cover myself with The Blood of Jesus Christ.  Amen

[1] Because of a lack of information people perish - Hosea 4:6