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Would you like to join The Prayer Power Academy?
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Friday, 5 May 2017


Welcome to the month of May, the fifth month on the year.  The number 5 in Biblical terms is the number that represents amongst other things the grace of God.  I am sure that most of us realise that if it were not for the grace of God we would not still be here on the planet today…thank God for His grace and His mercy. 

Because God’s grace is extended to us we are given the divine opportunity to communicate with Him.  Imagine that, an opportunity to communicate with the very God who created the heavens and the earth…Wow!

So how do we communicate with God?  We do so through prayer and prayer is a power tool given to us by Almighty God.  It is a specific and supernatural tool that we have been given in order to complete every task, job and role that we will ever face or be confronted with in our lives. 

The Bible illustrates time and again the very many people who prayed and how they prayed.  It does not take a scholar to notice that, all the really successful people in The Bible were also people of prayer.  The same is true today.  If your desire is to be successful in life then it is to your advantage to learn how to pray.

In the Bible people prayed on their knees (1 Kings 8:54), bowing (Exodus 4:31), on their faces before God (2 Chronicles 20:18Matthew 26:39), and standing (1 Kings 8:22). You may pray with your eyes opened or closed, quietly or out loud—however you are most comfortable and least distracted, but the key is to PRAY!

Most of us if we are honest will admit to not praying enough and sometimes our reasons for this are very varied.  Why not begin a process of change today and just begin to make prayer your daily habit.

Use the prayer points below for one month to begin the process of change in your life.


1.    Dear Father and Lord create in me a deep desire and longing to be close to you and spend more time with you in prayer, in The Name of Jesus Christ.

2.    Father God create in me a clean heart so that I can serve you properly (Ps 51:10) in the Name of Jesus Christ

3.    Sovereign Lord and King of Kings  help me to put you first and foremost in everything making Jesus the centre of it all, in The Name of Jesus Christ.

4.    My Healer and Deliverer I ask you to touch every part of my body, life, family and world; make me and your people all over the world whole again, in The Name of Jesus Christ.

5.    Today my God I submit my life and everything connected to it to you.  Take it all and use it for your glory, in The Name of Jesus Christ.

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