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Saturday, 31 December 2016


A Word of Encouragement For You All

I think the perfect ending to each God-given year is to take stock of the lessons life has taught you for the one you are now getting ready to leave behind.

2017 is bringing you and I another chance to set things straight, get things right and to open up a new chapter in our lives. The most important thing to remember as we approach 2017 is that it’s much better to make mistakes and learn from them rather than allow ourselves to become frozen, stuck and stagnant because of those that we have made previously. Mistakes can be, if you allow yourself to learn from them, character building. Don't be afraid to make mistakes rather and instead allow them to school you.

Try not to think too much about the opportunities you have missed. This New Year is an unwritten book, so make a decision to choose your actions and words wisely and fill up your pages of life for 2017 with a very different story and tale. Make your life a book that is worth reading. You have 12 full months ahead of you to edit and rewrite every chapter of your life if you so choose.

Leave behind you this year, the old chapters that were filled with endless pages of worries and begin the New Year with a different outlook.  Choose to be happier, 
cheerful and make an effort to smile more. If you really believe that God is for you then why would you wear a frown or doubt your own capability to establish change, success and victory! Unlike what most people think, it is never late to be what you wish to be...It is only to late when you are dead and if you are reading this right now then death has not got the better of you yet!!

Practice courage and then step out courageously until courage becomes a close friend and an integral part of your character. Dare to dream and dream big...dreams cost nothing but have the ability to take you from nothing and nowhere to a place of better and beautiful!

2017 is YOUR time to shine. A time to celebrate past accomplishments, even though you may have to dig and search around in what may have been a difficult year for you. Begin to look forward to future and further success.

I wish you a healthy, prosperous and wonderful New Year!
May The Living God Himself bless you in every area of your life.

Pastor Avis


N stands for New opportunities
Dear Father and God help me to seize and take ahold of
every new opportunity that I am presented with this year, bring me into divine alignment, In the Name of Jesus Christ.

E stands for Exploring
Dear Lord teach, train and tell me how to explore and
discover new truths for my life in Your Word, In the Name of Jesus Christ.

W stands for Wondering
My Father and my God help me not to spend another year wondering, straying from your plan for my life. I pray the reversal and decline of the spirit of wondering from my life. Through prayer I will reverse every distracting, derailing spiritual force from my life. Show me Lord how to wonder instead into places of victory, success and breakthrough, In the Name of Jesus Christ.

Y stands for Yearning
Dear God please place a yearning in my heart and spirit for Your presence, Your power and Your love in my life. Give me a desire to pray, fast and study Your Word, In the Name of Jesus Christ.

E stands for Eagerness

I pray Sovereign God that You will make me eager and ready to do Your will, In The Name of Jesus Christ.

A stands for Aspiring
My Saviour and Guide help me to aspire for greater perfection in all areas of my life. Teach me how to give of myself to others and help me to be a blessing to someone else, In The Name of Jesus Christ.

R stands for Rejoicing
My Redeemer and my best friend, The God of God's and The Lord of Lord's help me to rejoice in You at all times knowing that You will never fail me.
I seal all of these prayers in The Blood of Jesus Christ. Amen for ever!

“Rejoice in the Lord alway:
and again I say, Rejoice.
Philippians 4:4 

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