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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

MAY 2016

If you have every wanted to understand prayer, how it works and how to get answers to your prayers,This book is a Manual of power for everyone at every level whether beginner or more advanced. Each chapter contains keys that will enable you to…

 MAY 2016

The number 5  in Biblical terms symbolizes:

·     God’s grace, goodness and His favor toward mankind.  This number is mentioned 318 times in Scripture.  

·      Five is the number of grace, and this number multiplied by itself, which is 25, is 'grace upon grace' (John 1:16) – imagine that!  

·      The Ten Commandments contains two sets of 5 commandments. The first five commandments are related to our treatment and relationship with God The Father, and the last five concern our relationship with other people.

Download my prayer for YOUR life for this month of May. 

  •         Release the Grace of God into your life and the lives of others.    

  •        Pray for the multiplication of Grace over your life.

  •         Pray for God’s Laws to govern and rule over every other law of restriction or limitation.

  •     Realign yourself with God’s designs and destiny for your life.

Release yourself through prayer into the vast arena of God’s Grace and abundance.  God bless you.

Pastor Avis


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