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Saturday, 2 January 2016


JANUARY – Welcome to 2016 and the first month of another new and God-given year. Numbers are very important to God and in this new year we have the introduction of another new number and this is also significant.

If we take each number and look at it carefully we can see a clear representation  of how God uses numbers.  2016  places four different numbers side by side.  Each number represents something quite different.  Below I have listed the Biblical representation/meaning for each number of 2016 and I am also using these numbers to give you powerful prayer points for your life.  Tell your friends and family about this and our prayer blog/website also and help to raise up a Praying Community in your own area of the world. 

Use these given prayer points in your prayer times.  Speak each one out aloud several times (3 or more) in order to help your mind focus on what it is that you are praying about.  Then use the sentences given to assist you in order to get started.  Stick to the theme of each given prayer point.  Try to pray on each point for a minimum of five minutes until you begin to pray more naturally – i.e. prayer begins to become more fluid/easy.

Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope:
even to day do I declare that I will render double unto thee;


1.  2 = Union; Division; Witnessing

Dear God I pray that I will unify myself with God’s Word and not allow myself to be divided but rather and instead become God’s best witness. 

2.  0 = is the starting point for all that exists. 

Father I pray Lord teach us how to become a “zero” so that you can increase us. 

3.  1 =  Unity, new beginnings. 

Lord I pray be my  first and foremost in everything that I do –  let there be no other God’s (Ex 20:3)  in my way.

 4. 6  = Weakness of man; Manifestation of sin; Evils of Satan

Lord I pray that I will never forget how weak I am without You.  Help me to manifest righteousness and not sin.  I ask You Sovereign God to show and enable me to break every Satanic and negative pattern in and over my life and that of my family, loved ones and the community that I live in.


I thank you Father for giving me the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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