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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Prayer Points November King Jesus

This year we have been studying and using Prayer Points taken from our studies of some of the Kings of The Bible and seeing where they made mistakes mainly through disobedience to God’s Word. Your life is your opportunity to reign as God’s King and rule in/over every situation you face or encounter.  Now, November to December  we will be studying the one and only King of Kings, who is without blemish  – Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  Did you know that Jesus Christ is revealed in every book of The Bible?  Come/Visit, join-in with us in our AEB Sunday Morning Class or weekly Prayer School and learn more about “Christ in 66 books of The Bible” and pray the power of God through Jesus Christ into your life by using these powerful and anointed prayers. This month we will begin our study of Jesus and take Prayer Points from our books of study.  God Bless you richly,

Pastor Avis  

PRAYER POINTS   (say each of the following 3 times each, then begin to pray)

1.   Joel: Jesus/Baptizer/Holy Spirit.  Baptize me afresh today with fire, anointing, salvation and healing – touch every area of my life with your Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus Christ.

2.  Amos: Jesus/Burden Bearer:  Today I give you every burden/heavy load, carry me to a place of breakthrough, restoration, recovery and revival, lift me from every heaviness, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

3.  Obadiah: Jesus/Mighty Saviour   Teach me how to know you as MY SAVIOUR in every area of my life.  Save me oh God from myself in The Name of Jesus.

4.  Jonah: Jesus/The Forgiving God Teach me how to forgive others as you forgive and show me how to forgive myself when I mess up, I will obey your voice and go where you send me in the Name of Jesus Christ

5.  Micah: Jesus/Messenger with Beautiful Feet Today I clothe my feet with The Preparation of The Gospel of Peace (Eph 6:15) I will walk  in the light like Jesus. Your Word oh God is the truth I stand in, in The Name of Jesus Christ ….

6.   Say 12 times “Oh God I dedicate my life to Your Word, Your Will, Your Way.  Possess me, change me rearrange and reorder my days and let th number of them be fulfilled through the power of Your Word.   Amen. Amen and Amen

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