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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Praying the power of Jesus Into Your Life

Praying The Power Of Jesus Into Your Life

This year we have been studying and using Prayer Points taken from our studies of some of
the Kings of The Bible and seeing where they made mistakes mainly through disobedience to
God’s Word. Your life is your opportunity to reign as God’s King and rule in/over every
situation you face or encounter. Now, from October until December we will be studying the
one and only King of Kings, who is without mistake or mark – Our Lord and Saviour Jesus
Christ. Did you know that Jesus Christ appears in every book of The Bible? Come/Visit,
join-in with us in our AEB Sunday Morning Class and learn more about “Christ in 66 books of
The Bible” and pray the power of God through Jesus Christ into your life by using these
powerful and anointed prayers. This month we will begin our study of Jesus and take Prayer
Points from The Pentateuch,(The First 5 Books of The Bible). God Bless you richly,

PRAYER POINTS (say each of the following 3 times each, then begin to pray)
Genesis: Jesus/Seed of The Woman. Oh God begin a Genesis of Birthing in the
womb of my spirit and grow inside me today, in the Name of Jesus Christ
2. Exodus: Jesus/Passover Lamb. I give my life to you as a Living Sacrifice,
burn/remove everything that hinders, binds or limits, Today I apply The Blood of
Jesus to my life/household, let every death angel pass over, there will be no premature
death in my household in The Name of Jesus Christ
3. Leviticus: Jesus/The High Priest Today I will function in my spiritual oiffice/calling
and walk in the path of service designed for my life by God, in The Name of ….
Numbers: Jesus/Cloud and The Fire. Help me to see and understand that Jesus is in
the cloudy places of my life waiting to reveal His Fire. Oh Living God reveal the fire of
Your Glory to me today, set me aflame with the fire of Your Word, in the Name of Jesus.
5. Deuteronomy: Jesus/Prophet like Moses. Almighty God let me walk in the spirit of
Moses, and become your prophet of power to your people in The Name of Jesus..
6. Say 12 times “Oh God release The Seed of Your Word into my spirit, equip me to
Sacrifice my life to you, rise up in my calling and take back my spiritual legacy of
power and authority in The Name of Jesus Christ..Amen. Amen and Amen

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