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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Prayer Points Fasting Month of June

PRAYER POINTS: 1. My Uzziah must die today…2. Holy Spirit open my eyes to Your light, power and Your Glory. 3. Lift me up from every down place. 4. Fill me afresh with Your Glory. 5. Lord show me who/what is blocking my path. 6. I repent, please forgive me Lord for allowing anything to come between us. 7.Today I destroy every obstruction in my way In The Name of Jesus Christ. Read /Study: Isaiah 6: 1-2 If you cannot see God, something/someone is blocking your view - FIND OUT WHAT IT IS!
Week 1. 1-5 June - "Truth makes Free" - Remedy and Recipe for changeThe prescription for change from Almighty God is that "King Uzziah" must die and that you repent. Isaiah did not see the Lord until King Uzziah died, When you see God your life must and will change. When you see God nobody will have to tell you what is wrong in your life. See God today, position yourself in the right place. Ask yourself "Where am I positioned now?" Repent and restoration will begin, start/begin now!. Week 2 6-12 June - Spiritual Purging-one of Satan’s biggest weapons. Let God sit on the throne of your heart. Get rid of, purge yourself from pride.Dealing with pride
PRAYER POINTS: 1. Lord today I purge my life from sin, give me

"the tongue of prayer", the vocabulary of victory and the speech of power. 2. I give the altar of my heart to God. Open every locked door in my life today. 3. This month my destiny will change, I align myself with Your Word. 4. Today I choose to be valiant and strong (Dan 11:32). 5. This is my year of exploits for God. 6.Today I walk in authority and anointing, I purge myself break the hindering spirit of poor sight and wrong words from my life In The Name of Jesus Christ. Read/Study: also study 2 Chron 26:16 carefully.
Week 3 13-19 June - Turning Point - "Shifting"If you have been fasting and taking this time with God seriously you have 14 days to this point, 14 = Deliverance/Salvation, this is the turning point in your life just like The Prophet Isaiah your King Uzziah must die . Uzziah was like Solomon, great, but wrong desires led him astray,
PRAYER POINTS 1. I give my desires to you Oh Lord. 2. I give you my life, circumstances/situation today I will reign in your dominion, power and authority in every area of my life. 3. Remove all pride from my life and replace it with your anointing today in The Name of Jesus Christ. Read/Study: 2 Chron 26:8, 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,19

Weeks 4-5 20-30 June - Activation "Humility is God’s visible and creative power at work in your life". Make a decision to humble yourself, it is easier/less painful than God humbling you. Become aware of your spiritual state, make sure every day that your relationship with God is current/active. Recognise you are nothing without God. Place yourself on God’s altar. Now, from today you must begin/train your tongue to speak and carry words of power and not pride. Uzziah also represents pride. - He was The King of Pride - the message and implications here are huge…!PRAYER POINTS 1. I activate the spirit of repentance and forgiveness in my mind and life from this day forward. I activate the Spirit of Repentance I will see God in every aspect of my life. 2. This year I will have eyes to see God high and lifted up in my life. 3. Holy Ghost Fire cleanse me, deliver me from myself. 4. I activate The Holy Spirit to possess me today, touch/burn my tongue with your fire and let my words be affective and anointed. 5. Today I activate my words to create a new world for myself,others. 6. Let the prophetic ministry and power of God’s Word sit and live on my tongue for evermore. 7. I activate Your fire to live and reside in my life and I openly humble and submit myself to You In The Name of Jesus Christ…Amen, Amen & Amen. Read/Study/Summary: The sins of Uzziah were Pride/Arrogance, Presumption/Own opinion over God’s Word and Procrastination/Delay. Cleanse your life from these today. God wants you to reign as a King. Is 6 = God’s Kings are prophets. Chap 7-40 = Kings Rule., Is 41-45 = Kings are servants who save people. Is 56-66 = The King of Kings - The Messiah always reigns. Well done - you made it! Begin to praise The Lord - your fasting has accelerated the effects and rewards of The Feast of Pentecost into your life. Now begin to praise The Lord for your victory and His activated power in your life - Psalm 34:1!
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